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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Edison Hour Wedding

I'm pleased to report that the wedding went well. There must have been 200 people at the wedding, so that's a good 150 cars, plus the carbon emissions from the aeroplanes that transported a number of out-of-town friends and family. There was a sound system with the volume cranked up and heaters on full-bore to take the chill out of the Christchurch air. Many photographs taken with the flash on: somebody really should tell those people of the damage they are doing to the environment by taking those photos...

Some chilled champagne, beer and punch at the reception afterwards. And heck, the several miles of Christmas lights all strung up round the walls lent a nice aura to the room.

all things considered; an especially nice way to spend the afternoon/evening, and to use a lot of electricity doing it.



  1. Is being wasteful of electricity a good thing?

  2. No it is not. I don't think anyone here advocates being wasteful of electricity despite the tongue in cheek comments.

    We all care about the environment and I would expect most of us would make some efforts to conserve electricity, recycle, etc. We care about our planet, we are not advocating for wastefulness of resources.

    What we took issue with was the junk science behind the global warming movement and the ridiculous notion that participating in earth hour event is environmentally friendly. Any activities we or those supporting our cause did to protest earth hour were insignificant in the grand scheme of things and as some argued, probably helped counter balance the surges on the power grid, which, as an Aucklander, I was very concerned about.

  3. I second that. It's very much tongue-in-cheek.

  4. I agree completely!!! I am currently writing an essay for my science class about how I participated in Earth hour. It hasn't even happened yet. And, better yet?? My entire essay is about how utterly STUPID Earth Hour is. (And I come from a proud recylcing, CFL family) My dad and I are going to a movie during Earth Hour. And leaving the lights on.

    I'm glad the wedding went well!