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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Act on Campus Rejects Earth Hour

WWF's international 'Earth Hour' is an embarrassment to Christchurch and should be cancelled out, according to ACT on Campus Canterbury President, Rick Giles.

"There is no scientific evidence for catastrophic global warming caused by CO2 emissions, the Earth Hour initiative is based on phoney science in an attempt to promote phoney awareness," he adds.

"Our electricity in Christchurch is generated by hydro-power, which has no impact on CO2 anyhow. After Earth Hour, when appliances- especially motors and fluorescent lights- are switched on again, on mass, a terrific drain will result across the grids which will require more electricity to be generated, and often more coal to be consumed, as a direct result of Earth Hour."

"Earth Hour organisers are actually squandering energy resources as well as putting people at an inconvenience in order to express their point of view about global warming."

"Alright then, ACT on Campus will enjoy energy resources and promote the unfettered convenience of full energy use in order to express our point of view about global warming."

ACT on Campus will be in Cathedral Square in Christchurch along side the Earth Hour campaigners. The student activists from Canterbury and Lincoln University will be spreading the word and handing out flyers to educate the people of Christchurch about the global-warming mass hysteria.

They plan to employ flash-lights and spot-lights during Earth Hour, and to engage in random acts of igniting petroleum products in and around Cathedral Square in a public display of enjoyable energy use in the promotion of the pleasure and modern convenience of unfettered energy exploitation.

If anybody has a lawn-mower they can lend the students for the evening (preferably a noisy and smoky one) for display purposes, please contact us at once.

- Act on Campus Canterbury 2008 Press Release

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  1. I so wish I could be there, I'll be watching the news though. Have fun, and try not to burn down any buildings!