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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dirt Day

Zen Tiger gets in on the action:

Following on from the staggering success of Earth Hour, a yearly event where concerned citizens burn alternative sources of fuel to celebrate the fact that they have turned the lights out, I'm suddenly rather keen on the idea.

I say "staggering success" because like all devotees of Earth Hour, I know there is no need to check the newspapers to know this idea "just works".

The planet can now be saved, as people are now psychologically prepared to accept the tough prescriptions of "Environmental Experts" to set humankind back on the path of carbon neutrality.

Just the easy stuff at first, like one child per family and tax rates of 80%, moving up to banning breathing, until finally we all become part Amish, part Hippie and live on a commune. Told you the easy stuff came first.

Furthermore, after one hour of the lights on dim, sea levels will probably not rise by half a centimetre now for another few years, and the average polar bear has 70 centimetres less distance to swim from their melting iceberg. It's made a difference.

Therefore many of those folk will be very excited to hear my suggestion, building on the groundswell of success. Not "Earth Hour" once a year, but once a week.

And not for an hour - how about A WHOLE DAY.

The Phrase "Earth Hour" is already taken, so I'll have to call my idea "Dirt Day".

So, just what is my idea?

Let's save some electricity, and possibly help reduce nationwide environmental stupidity by turning off the television for A WHOLE DAY.

Participants can either read a book, or have a conversation in lieu of staring at their television screen.

Greenies can pretend that it's all about saving electricity.

They can even take the batteries out of the remote control for the day. Now that's affirmative action.

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