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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ban Earth Hour

Extract from Ban Earth Hour:

... Earth Hour is ridiculous.

No intelligent person believes we are going to make this world a better place by sitting in the dark for an hour or for a day. Turning a light off is not an accomplishment. Turning a light ON is the real achievement. Just ask Thomas Edison.

8:30pm Saturday March 28 is being hailed as "Earth Hour"
On this night, all those who care about the planet are being urged to turn off all their lights to save the Earth.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Earth was here long before man first walked on its soil and it shall be here long long after the last of us are gone. Earth has endured glaciers a mile high and a continent wide, radiation, hailstorms of comets, the freezing cold of space and the blistering heat of the sun. Our scientists estimate that not once but several times it has been struck soundly by orbiting mini-planets and nearly cracked in two. Yet still it stands. It does not crave our recognition. It does not need our help. It does not care about us. It is the Earth. It stands alone.

Mankind, on the other hand, cares. Man harnessed fire, developed the wheel. Man built shelters to protect us from the elements. Man created farming and irrigation to ensure that all would have enough to eat. Man tamed the wild animals and held predators in check. Man developed plumbing to keep disease out of our cities. Man built furnaces to heat our homes and allow us to survive in the winter. Man built air conditioning to allow us to live comfortably in what was once called desert. Man cured countless illnesses and brought comfort to the suffering.

Man built art, science, literature, and schools. It is man who now reaches out into space to one day build us a new homes on other worlds. Man harnessed the atom and brought us electricity and light to the darkness.

And so, on "Earth Hour" I shall be celebrating Man, not the Earth. I intend to turn on my electric lights as a symbol of Man's ongoing efforts to bring light to the darkness and understanding and order to chaos. ...