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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ozzy Calls for Christmas

In a post entitled Earth Hour: Turn on Your Lights Ozy shares his thoughts and strategies to do his bit to drain the National Grid and calls for Christmas instead!
...while most of New Zealand huddles around their candles and whisper sweet nothings I will be following the lead of MandM blog. In my house every light will be on, I will crank up the electric heater, put on kitchen appliance and try and drain the national grid in one hour. That s because I think we can show more to the world about sustainability by using our lights than by turning them off.

Imagine if you would the media’s reaction to a family in New Zealand rigging up a hydro contraption in their back yard and used that for ‘Earth Hour’. The media would lap this up and run the story about a family living sustainably for the hour.
The reality is that is what we do in New Zealand anyway. Most of our power is generated via hydro power stations. Therefore we are already living sustainably!!!! With this in mind to promote sustainability around the world New Zealand should actually crank the whole system up, put on every light in the country and show the world how well it can work. (if we do that we better cross our fingers and hope it works and then hope it rains within the next week!!)

So I urge you to join me and show the world that sustainable energy is achievable, not by turning you lights off, but by setting up your Christmas tree and turning on every light possible.

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