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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Don’t Participate in 60 Minutes of Apolitical Ecology

La Ivolution - non commercial also helped to spread the message:

Dont Participate in 60′ minutes Apolitical Ecology
Earth Hour
isn’t an Ecological Revolution
- it’s an Ecological Pollution

Earth Hour is a school level campaign for a dead ecology
we don’t participate to this colorless and apolitical Eco Sleep


I am proposing a worldwide strategy to discredit the theories of man-made global warming, starting with the 60 minutes of ‘Anti-Earth Hour’.

On the same date and time as Earth Hour, March 29th, 2008 at 8pm, your local time, join the fight against the lights off hour by turning your lights ON.


  1. Hi Madeleine! :)
    all against stupidity!

  2. I probably won't get any photos (since I'm turning my stuff on for Earth Hour and then leaving overnight and maybe not get back until morning), but in addition to turning all my lights on, I plan to microwave 12L of water in my new Kenmore to balance out Sears Canada shutting their lights out.

  3. I don't like your comment because if you don't really want Jesus to destroy our Earth earlier we must act as fast as we can.