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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sign Mr Linky

MandM have set up a Mr Linky for everyone to sign and show what they are doing to protest Earth Hour.

The is an easy way for you to share your thoughts and plans, read others ideas and earn your blog some free link love for celebrating Edison!


  1. Well done Madeleine - have linked to you here:


    Our household will celebrate the life of Thomas Edison this evening!

  2. Cool - sign the Mr Linky on MandM - just make sure you have an MandM link in your post too.

  3. Go have a look, it is a way for people who have posted on the same topic to submit their own link to a blog without having to wait for the blog owner to add it.

    It ups the traffic and link count of those participating and if the host converts the Mr Linky it can increase their Technorati ranking too.

    It enables the host to get links back from the participating sites, one of the rules is invariably 'link back to me' and gives the host's readers a collection of pieces on the same topic so it is very win win.

    If you wrote something on protesting earth hour and you included a link to MandM (my site) you are eligible to sign Mr Linky. I will be converting the links at the close of the weekend (and removing all that didn't follow the rules) at which point no more will be able to be added. Everyone who has signed so far has got a reasonable amount of traffic from doing so already.