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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hot Air

In Hot news... hot tip re hot air... Micky joins the call and suggests,

... If YOU are the lucky winner, you could trade the Prius in for a big old 4WD !...

Earth Day enthusiasts of course are very similar to the End Time fundamentalist Christians, sad souls burdened by guilt and searching for punishment and redemption. Both groups are hoping for the Messiah and The Rapture; The Messiah may be here, but us bloggers keep denying the greens their Rapture... Both groups too, feel that man's wickedness will lead to damnation and hellfire, and the deliverance from evil will come with such a thunderclap that all on Earth will repent and sin/consume no more...... while waiting for rapturous times follow these instructions on Saturday night......

at 8.30pm, on the 28th of March 2009, turn on every light in your house for one hour to protest at the rubbish you are being fed by the politicians and those calling themselves scientists and historians who are either lying to the public or are incompetent if they think that the fact we have just come off the little ice age is anything new......enter to win the Prius here...

PS...and you thought the hole in the ozone layer was caused by CFC's ?maybe not...see WuWT here...


  1. Good on you setting this up! Hopefully you'll get plenty of pictures. How are we supposed to submit them?

  2. Email them to me or Andy.

    If you want to become a contributor let Andy know, I lack the power to add people.

  3. All sorted, should have some nice bright photos up here by 10 tonight!