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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ignorant Hippies of the World unite!

Beretta's Glenn shares:
... ignorant hippies around the world are switching off lights, TVs and other fun things because they think that by doing so they are helping the planet. They’re not. Someone told them it would help, and like other stupid ignorant hippies of our day, they just believed it and they are now taking part in this ridiculous token gesture to make them feel better about themselves.

Turning off lights for an hour and sitting around singing songs by candlelight is not helping the planet. As a matter of fact, it hurts the planet. The overall amount of carbon produced by a lightbulb is much lower than the amount of carbon produced by a burning candle. What’s more, a while back authorities urged people not to take part in a similar action, referred to as a “black out” in moral support of the All Blacks (my American friends, that’s our national rugby team).

This is because when thousands of people all turn lights and appliances back on at the same time, it can cause power cuts as the grid can’t handle the sudden surge. This is to say nothing of the mumbo jumbo that passes for “global warming science” that motivates a lot of these smelly greenies in their efforts in the first place.

Tonight, we have turned all out lights on for the hour. We have chosen this time to run our dishwasher and wash our clothes. The family is watching TV and I am using my computer to write this blog entry.

Cross over to our side. Join the sane world. ...


  1. I love a lot of the writing that has come out during this campaign - absolutely loved your entertainment blog post.

  2. Thanks. We should all get together sometime, this has been fun. It's a shame we're spread all over the country.

  3. Yeah it sucks!

    Glenn is up in May to speak for Thinking Matters Auckland if you want to time a trip up north?

  4. I am intending to come up north to reward myself for finishing my thesis. Whenever that happens. It might be May!