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Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Lights are On!

Earth Hour Protest We are lit up like a Christmas tree!

Don't you just love TV3's live coverage of Earth Hour?

My 7 year old said "why are they making a TV program about how everyone has turned their electricity off? Don't they need electricity to make it? Don't people need electricity to watch it?" Then he began laughing.

The kids like having the lights on in their room, means they don't have to go to bed til 9.30pm!

How is it going at your place?


  1. Looking good! Unfortunately we're in the country so fewer people will see our place.

    Electricity is so much cheaper than candles. 20 light bulbs will cost around 50c to run for an hour. You don't get many candles for 50c.

  2. Our kids are laughing at the fire works. They are enjoying them but my daughter just asked me if fireworks were good for the environment. When I told her no, they let off carbon emissions, they waste resources, they add to waste. She then said, as only children can, "well why don't you tell them mummy that thats a very silly way to teach people to save the environment."

  3. Yes, TV3's "live coverage" is very disappointing! I was hoping to see the Act on Campus guys at work in Cathedral Square.

  4. We are rather prominently placed on a main road. That said none of the shops that are currently open within sight of our house have their lights off - some of them are big corporate chains too.

    Good on them!

    Classic Heather, my husband just made a similar comment about the fireworks near us.

  5. Hey, Im enjoying Earth Hour. I have the lights on, I am just about to have a cook up in the ioven. Just a pity it is so hot or I`d have teh heater on,. However, I could always turn it on the fan mode to do my bit to prevent global warming

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