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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fan mail

We've received a few emails from our supporters around the world. Here is one of the more amusing ones...

im not a dumbass like u idiots

Message: wat the hell is wrong with you people global warming is not being taught like a religion!!!
explain the australian drought, the aussie bushfire and floods AT THE SAME TIME!!!! it is "mother nature" fighting back.
yes there have been cool and warm periods on earth before but this is extreme weather.
if we dont do something soon the planet will die, ur children will have a horrible dieing planet to live on because of you idiotic people.
i blame you for this crisis


  1. That same australian drought that's causing flooding in southern Queensland?

  2. If you not keen on earth hour I suggest you take a look at the alternative TurdHour® it offer much more possiblities in exploring the fun side of reducing you carbon footprint.



  3. The Australian drought was caused by El Nino & the Indian Ocean Dipole, not by climate change. This was ascertained by the University of New South Wales in this report: http://www.science.unsw.edu.au/news/indian-ocean-drought

  4. if it all is a hoax, its very elaborate, why would the government introduce carbon taxes and spend all this money on insulation, light bulbs, so as to instill a little more fear in us?? fear is a feeling.. feelings come and go, we'll become desensitised. the fact you're taking this so seriously is a joke in itself and maybe is on me..

    anyway, there is plenty of evidence to the contrary of what you're suggesting and you're chlidren will pay for it.

  5. http://www.petitiononline.com/60minaeh/petition.html

    Online petition against earth hour

  6. not sure why but your link comes up like its from last year? can you help roarprawn.blogspot.com