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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sad Muppets Unite: Earth Hour 2010


  1. The Near-Senile Magnetic Cloud Speaks Out of Turn During a Mating Ritual [Today's News Poem, March 19, 2010]
    “... Bangladesh, to the vast, such as the US; from the familiar - England, New Zealand... What unites such a disparate group is concern about climate change. They have all signed on to participate in Earth Hour next Saturday.”
    --JENNIE CURTIN, Sydney Morning Herald, March 20, 2010

    What can't forget cannot recall
    It seems. The rest of you converge
    Your nebulae in mating brawls,
    While memories in me emerge

    Of stately solar births. With gas
    It starts... but then the sparking burst!
    You judge importance by its mass.
    Like you, I watched the giants first;

    But atoms lust as well and link
    Together. Once I saw some chains—
    Of acid really—learn to think.
    Astonishing! I watched the brains

    Of little nothings come aware.
    And every time I noted one
    It decomposed. I learned to care
    For trifles; loved their micro-sun.

    Though starved of energy, their life
    Replenished me. Their sense of four
    Dimensions, crude. Their frantic strife
    Would end before I'd even store

    My memories. They loved our kind
    You know, and envied us as well.
    They prayed to us, to me to find
    A way to save them all—to quell

    Their rightful fears of death. I said
    I care for them: they called me God.
    With speech, I seemed to end their dread.
    They scattered, left their rocky clod.

    Before explosions killed that race,
    Before they wandered outer space,
    They hoped to find enlightened grace.
    It's there, I said, in every place.